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Whether you have questions regarding how to negotiate the terms of employment before you begin work, current difficulties at work, or what to do before or after the involuntary termination of employment, I can help you resolve your questions. 


I am both a former and current small-business owner.  I understand the difficulties you face navigating the employment law landscape.  As such, I also provide employment law counseling to small businesses, which includes conducting internal investigations and advising clients on the best workplace policies and practices, employee handbooks, employment contracts, severance agreements, and other employment-related matters.


My office is located in the Village of Rockville Centre, which is in Nassau County.  It is centrally located for representing clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk County, and the five boroughs of New York City: New York County (Manhattan), Kings County (Brooklyn), Richmond County (Staten Island), Queens County, and Bronx County.  Depending on the facts and circumstances we may take cases in Westchester County and surrounding upstate New York counties. 


Our federal court practice involves litigation in the Eastern District of New York, Southern District of New York, Northern District of New York, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.  Our diverse practice enables us to appear before numerous investigative bodies including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights, the New York City Commission on Human Rights, and the New York State Department of Labor among others.


The difficulties you may be experiencing at work can range from discrimination based on your race/color, sex, national origin, and religion to discrimination based on pregnancy or a disability. You may be experiencing unequal treatment regarding your pay, age, medical leave, or you may be experiencing sexual harassment. Perhaps you are entitled to overtime pay and your employer is withholding overtime wages. Additionally, both federal and New York State and New York City laws provide specific protection for military reservists from discrimination in the workplace.


Unequal or unfair treatment and discrimination takes many forms, and you should choose an experienced attorney in these areas to assist you.  I have that experience and I want to help you now.


Not all employment disputes require a lawsuit, and sometimes negotiation is the best course of action.  I have considerable experience negotiating with employers who have as few as 4 employees to employers who have as many as 100,000 employees.  Sometimes, however, there is no recourse other than a lawsuit.  In that case, I have extensive federal and state court trial experience, and I will aggresively represent you in your "day in court."


Just as everybody's job is different, so too is the approach to resolving employment disputes.  Some employers may wish to quietly settle the dispute while others may wish to fight you "tooth and nail."  If you too wish to quietly settle your dispute I can help.  But if it's a fight your employer wants then I can, and I will, respond in kind on your behalf.


Regardless of the strengths or weaknesses of your case, I will give you an honest, no-nonsense assessment, and I will provide you with a straightforward plan of attack on how to proceed. Call (516) 466-2033 now for a no-cost consultation to allow us to begin evaluating your case.



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